Dearest Sophie.

Today I remembered you
walking past your room.
Oh precious time how you flew.
You who lived to three digit years,
you who was ever so dear,
Sleep now, rest well,
be still and dream on,
You have done your part
so well it’s clear.

Sometimes I wonder was I of any help to you?
Perhaps I was or perhaps was not,
though I really wish the was was such.
I, a mere aide, not really doing much,
But at the time your end had played,
my world was still, no movement, it stayed.
Speechless and emotional was all that remained.
Never did I expect to grow
that attached and unknowingly so,
Till that day I came to learn
that time is something but to yearn.
You left so suddenly, you dear old soul,
Graceful Sophie, dearest one,
Strong lady and darling woman.

I am thankful for our short time together,
How you left I hope you did not suffer.
It was quick as swift could be,
I still recall I could not believe.
Your departure shocked us all,
You were my first, the hurt was strong.
I hadn’t experienced loss for years,
The finality left me in tears.

I am glad you were my first.
For the others who soon followed you,
The pain was present, we had a bond,
It was heart-breaking to lose you all,
But time was up and time to go,
It had come, the end of the show.

I have learned to accept this not with ease,
To never let this prevent me
From bonding with others, as I did with you,
For life would be a dull and dreary tune.
It hurt me then and even now,
But not as much had I not learned
to accept and believe it’s true
That good memories do forever carry on,
Thank you graceful lady, my dearest Sophie.

Thank you Bik Lan for sharing with us your reflection poem about Two’s Company! Well done!


‘Tis the season, EXAM Season!

IMG_2072I know, unfortunately, I know. For the next couple of weeks most of us will live on take-out, cereal or instant noodles and LONG nights asking ourselves why we chose to take this course. It sucks I know. Worst thing is, our stress level goes through the roof trying to inject as much information as we can, hoping, just hoping it’ll be enough to do well on the actual exam.

Alright, I’ll stop scaring you. After taking many exams in multiple formats, all of them equally ridiculous in their own way, I’ve learned that it’s not just about the questions on the paper and how much you’ve studied for the exam that matters. Your confidence as a student and the environment you’re in are pretty important factors. Think about it, if you didn’t have to write your exam in the Exam Centre and see rows upon rows of desks and chairs, would the exam seem as daunting? It can be extremely overwhelming. Here are some de-stressing ways you can do during this exam season:

  1. Free write. Give yourself 5, 10 or even 15 minutes of just writing. You can write about whatever you want to write about. It doesn’t even have to make sense. You don’t have to write complete sentences. Just write. Write about how much your miss your puppy; what you’re going to do after this exam is over or how awesome of a person you are. Free writing let’s your creative juices flow, which ultimately helps with generating more ideas.
  2. Doodle! If you’re not much of a writer, doodle! You can start with a line, a swirl, circle, triangle, square or whatever. Let your mind and hand do all the work. You can look back see you’ve drawn a hilariously looking character, landscape or a really cool pattern.
  3. Get yourself some play-doh. There’s some at the dollar store with different colours from blue, yellow, or red. You can mold it any way you want it. Squish it, turn it into a ball, make a figure then squish them all together again. That’s the best part about playing with play-doh. You can’t make mistakes. You can take it apart and put it back together easily. Besides, after getting frustrated doing those problem sets or memorizing dates you kinda want to be able to squish/break something without actually breaking it. I don’t know maybe it’s just me? 😉
  4. I started meditating when I was in grade 11. My chemistry teacher encouraged us to meditate before we did our nomenclature quizzes since she decided that for this unit she was going to give us a quiz every day. They weren’t very hard but as you go along, it got tougher memorizing everything. Meditation helped us focus. The best part was that a part of her mantra emphasized pushing out negative energies and renewing yourself. You don’t have to have a dedicated mantra. Sometimes I just count 1 to 10 repeatedly. The main thing is that you regulate your breathing and let yourself relax.
  5. Laugh! Yes, I’m advising you to go to youtube and look for something or someone that makes you laugh. There’s nothing more satisfying than a really good laugh after a stressful exam or frustrating study session. Laughter boosts your energy and helps you stay positive.

The way I see it, the more stressed you are, the higher chance you will panic during or before your exam. Regardless of how much percentage your exam may be it’s always important to stay positive and remember to do your best! Good luck everyone!



Kaye Caronongan