We Belong 2015

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who made the time to attend our We Belong event last Monday, Jan. 19th 2015. It was incredible to see the interest people had in making our city more inclusive and equitable. We would also like to thank our amazing panelists who had exemplified great courage… Continue reading We Belong 2015


From 3 to 3 Reflection by Courtney Villeneuve

Going into a situation where you don’t know anyone is always going to be uncomfortable, so I was understandably nervous on my first day as a From 3 to 3 tutor in a junior/senior kindergarten classroom. All these children—not to mention the teacher—were expecting me to be a competent, confident leader, and share my knowledge… Continue reading From 3 to 3 Reflection by Courtney Villeneuve