Begin Again.

IMG_4543Sorry to disappoint but, this won’t be a blog post on T-Swift’s song. I felt incredibly inspired after seeing the photo on the left. We had taken it after our last combined ARW reflection back in February. The photo summed up my year working at the Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP) quite nicely. Yes, it’s blurry, and perhaps it could have been angled better, or edited to adjust the lighting, but that wouldn’t be true to the joy and connectedness that our team exemplified throughout the school year. Coming to the office and working with our team didn’t feel like work at all. To say the least, it was an inviting, nurturing and positive space to come into, not just for us, but also for everyone who walked in our door. In so many ways, it felt like a haven filled with laughter, friendship, encouragement and of course infinite warm fuzzies! Rest assured, we worked hard on organizing ARW as well as other collaborative events on campus, regulating serve & learn programs, discussion groups, ARW Project Leader training sessions, creating this blog and overall engaging students with how they can get involved in the community.

So, what now? I refuse to think that this is the end because I don’t necessarily think it is. Let me tell you why. This year’s theme for ARW was, “What makes communities strong?” and to answer that question, I would have to say bonds. We started the school year identifying with our individual positions/roles and tasks but something along the way, in between the vegan gluten free cupcakes, multiple cups of tea; inside jokes and open ears and arms we found cohesion. Getting to know each other and learning from one another helped me further understand what it means to build communities and how we can sustain its strength. I started at the CCP as the Promotions & Communications Assistant and leaving as a part of great team, a community.

Thank you for jumping on a fantabulous year with us! 😉

Written by Kaye Caronongan


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