Student Voices: TDSB Math Tutors

Hi my name is Richard Leung. What makes me interested in being a tutor is that I aspire to be a teacher and to teach Math to high school students. I actually heard about CCP tutoring from one of my profs who taught SMC 313 (Catholic Schools in Ontario). He knew I was interested in being a teacher and thought that it was a great opportunity for me to gain more experience, so he recommended this program to me. Since I always wanted to be a high school math teacher, naturally I was interested. Since Mathematics is one of my majors at U of T, I believed I was capable of being a volunteer math tutor. Throughout my time at U of T, I always helped my friends who were struggling in courses. When I did help them I was able to make a difference and helped them succeed when they believed that they couldn’t. I want to do the same for the high school students I am currently working with.

I currently volunteer in Vaughan Road Academy. When I first arrived, I was greeted warmly by all the teachers and staff there. I was given a tour around the school and it is a very nicely designed school. I’m usually there for the entire school day on Friday (since I have no classes on Friday). The extra work gives me a lot of experience, and there are a lot of situations that I encounter. The guidance counselor calls a student to the guidance office, and I work with students there. Sometimes, I sit in on a class and answer any students questions.

I’ve enjoyed my tutoring experience so far. The students are very respectful and I respect them too. What I have found challenging in this experience is to adjust to what the students are learning. Sometimes, I have to recognize that students do not know as much as I do about a certain topic. It is also challenging to adjust to students in different grade levels and different academic levels (applied, academic, IB etc.). Since they all learn different math concepts at each level , its difficult to switch back and forth between each student’s needs.


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