Student Voices: UTM ARW and the CEI Grant

By Darren Clift

Learning and fun… they go together splendidly!

My partner, Hamna Awan, and I, along with six volunteer participants, worked on Board Game Tool Kits during our Alternative Reading Week project. Our community partner, Let’s Get Together, offers students and their parents programs, experiences and opportunities to enrich their education. We didn’t have any community participants, because we worked solely at University of Toronto Mississauga. The founder of Let’s Get Together, Alison Canning, worked with us closely on the project.

These tool kits contain the supplies and resources that grade seven and eight students require to start a board game club in their school. Included in each tool kit are two educational games that have been tested and approved by my project’s group and our community partner. Over three days, the participants designed informational sheets and sample promotional materials that were collected in a binder for students to read and learn from; the participants also assembled the tool kits once all the supplies had been developed, and filmed and edited a short video to introduce the process of creating a board game club.

Our project will have a significant impact on a local school, once the tool kits are delivered. These are the next steps for the project: to contact and then visit a local school so that their club can be set up. Let’s Get Together works closely with certain departments at UTM, so our project will also influence the developments to come through that partnership. From this project, I learned the importance of education, and the power that fun can have on learning. I will remember these lessons as I continue to get involved on campus and in the Mississauga community.


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