The new 2018-2019 team!

Oh hi there! 🙂 

WELCOME, to yet another exciting year with the Centre for Community Partnerships! 

Seems like it was just yesterday that I first joined this lovely family, time flies doesn’t it? So…..what have you been up to since the last time we met my friend? Have you missed volunteering with us? Well, we missed you more! 

The CCP has been doing some great stuff, you should totally follow our social media if you haven’t already:  

And now let’s move onto what this post is REALLY about:

It is highly recommended you drop everything you’re doing right now and join me in welcoming our newest members to the CCP family this year, also come say hi to some of our returning faces 🙂 

Meet our team! 

Amina Farah  Co-curricular Learning Coordinator
  1. Can’t wait for ARW (Alterantive Reading Week)! Love it!
  2. I’m a big nerd. Doctor Who, Marvel, board games
  3. You can almost always find me with a cup of coffee

Cherrie Kwok Co-curricular Learning Coordinator
  1. I love to ride anything with wheels (e.g. longboard, bike, motorcycle, unicycle, roller skates)
  2. I like to process emotions through music or poetry
  3. I can talk about psychology all day!

Akshata Nadakatti  Alternative Reading Week Assistant
  1. I know 4 languages
  2. I can read sentences backward and upward down
  3. I can cook almost all types of cuisines

Avani Singh  Alternative Reading Week Assistant

Mandy Tu  Alternative Reading Week Assistant
  1. I did a Southwest USA (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah) road trip over the summer and visited 6 national parks!
  2. As a huge movie buff, I’ve been collecting movie tickets since I was 12.
  3. I’ve met Guillermo del Toro and some of the Suicide Squad cast in my neighborhood.

Julia Belan  Community Action Projects Assistant
  1. I am currently in my second year of the Master’s of Teaching program at OISE
  2. I lived and worked in Taipei, Taiwan for just over four years so I’ve got a pretty big love of bubble tea shops!
  3. In my spare time, I enjoy riding my bike and have been lucky enough to do several long distance bike rides around Taiwan, Japan and China.

Iman TogoneCommunity Action Projects Assistant
  1. I am Master of Arts in Adult Education and Community development Student
  2. I love travelling—I have yet to travel to Africa, I hope I will this summer.
  3. I have Deathly Hallows signed by the legend herself J.K Rowling!

Shammah Salwa  Community Days Project Assistant

Tricia Ramnath  Community Days Project Assistant
  1. I’m obsessed with dogs 🐕
  2. I did a 30km hike last year ⛰️
  3. My favorite food is fries 🍟

Charmaine Nyakonda  Workshop Assistant
  1. I have a poetry blog
  2. Been an assistant to a surgeon during a plastic surgery
  3. I am a multi style dancer ( hiphop , contemporary , various african dances etc)

Dhvani Ramanujam  Workshop Assistant
  1. I have a quirky sense of style
  2. I was a former regionals table tennis champion in high school!
  3. I have a ridiculously large collection of Betty and Veronica double digest comics

Julie Polsinelli  Grants Assistant
  1. I was at Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sister Toronto program
  2. I love to cook especially dinners
  3. I enjoy being outside more than being inside

Iris Deng  Promotion & Communications Assistant
  1. Chinese by blood, Jamaican by heart ❤
  2. If I was to use three words to describe myself, it would be: curious humor bean (so basically…I’m a legume🌱) 
  3. On the VERY rare occasion, you may find me with my acoustic guitar at open mics. Let me serenade you 😉 

Charlotte Stewart  Special Projects Assistant
  1. I am from Calgary, AB, and fit the outdoorsy stereotype but REFUSE to wear cowboy hats
  2. I love coffee to the moon and back
  3. I’m a certified lifeguard (just don’t ask me to demo the butterfly – I can’t do it, I promise)

Grusha Singh  Get Involved Blogger
  1. I am majoring in English, with a double minor in Book and Media and Creative Expression and Society
  2. I think that Autumn is hands-down the best season and I love everything that comes with it
  3. I write poetry and fiction!

Well, this is the lovely team of 2018-2019 for ya!

For updates on what we’re doing throughout the year, I urge you to subscribe to our blog if you haven’t already because you’re awesome and we strive to be as well 🙂

Stay awesome,

Your CCP Fam


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