CCP Grant Reflections: Musical Minds!

How support from CCP have made our goals at Musical Minds Community Outreach possible! Written By Zahra Rajan (Co-director/founder of MMCO) Musical Minds Community Outreach is a student-driven organization at the University of Toronto that offers free music lessons and mentorship to kids and youth in the Toronto community who may not have the means or […]

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An incredible journey …

Written by Stephanie Wang What is the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP)? For me, it has been a home wherein I continuously found mentors, forged friendships and created fond memories. My CCP journey has been a whirlwind of self-discovery, redefining my understanding of my community, relationship-building and laughing till tears literally spilled from my eyes. […]

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Student Voices: ARW Reflections from Ibrahim Alhaq

Project Name: Conversation Circles with Newcomers Community Agency: North York Community House Project Leader: Winnie Lieu Project Description: North York Community House is a dynamic neighbourhood centre offering innovative programs and services to newcomers & residents, helping build strong, healthy communities. Students will support their formal and informal language programs with newcomers at different language levels. They will facilitate […]

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Begin Again.

Sorry to disappoint but, this won’t be a blog post on T-Swift’s song. I felt incredibly inspired after seeing the photo on the left. We had taken it after our last combined ARW reflection back in February. The photo summed up my year working at the Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP) quite nicely. Yes, it’s […]

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Student Voices: ARW Reflection from Chuan Liu

Project Name: Neighborhood Outreach Community Agency: Unison HCS Project Leader: Alice Pan & Tracy Pan Project Description: Unison delivers accessible and high quality health and community services to communities in Toronto. Students will be doing outreach in the Bathurst-Finch neighbourhood in small teams to connect with residents about the programs and services offered at the Bathurst-Finch Hub. Based […]

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Student Voices: ARW Reflection from Victor Muthomi

 Project Name: Sneaker Drive Challenge Community Agency: Toronto Loves Kicks Project Leader: Angelica Alfonso Project Description: Toronto Loves Kicks uses Youth and Sneaker Culture to design and deliver community events, educational programs and creative opportunities for brands, institutions and organizations to engage a unique and substantial demographic. Students will support the Sneaker Drive Challenge, which has […]

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Student Voices: ARW Reflection from Mandy Yuen

Project: Diabetes Prevention Program Community Partner: Learning Enrichment Foundation Project Leader: Saadia Tuyyab Project Description: The Learning Enrichment Foundation provides integrated and holistic community responsive initiatives that enable individuals and families to become valued contributors to their community’s social and economic development. Students will work with the Type 2 Diabetes Prevention group to raise awareness of […]

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