Meet our New Team 2016-2017


Meet 2016-2017 student staff at the CCP!

Xueya(Elaine) Lu is the Promotions Assistant!


Hi! My name is Elaine! I am a 4th year student and I am currently doing a specialist in Geology and minor in Economics. I have been very involved with student life for the past year and have done many activities and events with CCP.  From being Event co-ordinator in two Undergraduate Earth Science Association and Society of Petroleum Engineer, I have gained lots of valuable experiences in terms of how to create your own community around the campus and how to enjoy your balance your life and study. Now as this year promotions assistant, I will try my best to create awareness of CCP around the campus and share my experiences as a student. I am very outgoing and funny, so come and participate in CCP events and chat with me!

Lynda Chen is the Senior Project Program Assistant!


Lynda Chen is a first year in the Rotman Commerce program. Lynda is a passionate individual who enjoys embracing opportunities and taking on new challenges. Although she is in her first year, she is excited to become involved in the various groups around campus. She looks forward to making the most out of her university life here at UofT and at the Centre for Community Partnerships. Aside from school, during her leisure time, she enjoys baking, volunteering and shopping.


Elliot Campbell is the Youth Mentorship Program Assistant!
unnamed.jpgElliot started his BSc six years ago intending to hammer through his studies with a laser focus on academic performance. His path hasn’t worked out that way – after an unplanned break midway through year three, he returned with his focus greatly broadened. He now continues studying with a reduced course load allowing space to fully engage with each class, and to invest in the communities he is a part of. This year is he co-ordinating the Youth Mentorship Program with the CCP in partnership with Portage Trail Community School. The program builds confidence and self-efficacy in young students on the cusp of transitioning into high school through creative writing, culminating in a published collection of the students’ work.


Vivian Ngo is the Homework Club Program Assistant!



Vivian is a third year student studying Diaspora & Transnational Studies and Writing & Rhetoric. This year, she is supporting Homework Club which takes place at Mount Dennis Public Library where students have the opportunity to work with elementary students in an after-school programming setting. In addition to supporting Homework Club, she is also involved as a Lead Project Leader for the CCP’s Alternative Reading Week program and as an Assistant Peer Mentor for the CIE’s Social Science First-Year Learning Community. This year as the Program Assistant for Homework Club, she is excited to not only meet and support student volunteers, but to also listen to students share their experiences. The times when Vivian does not have class and not around the CCP, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, and having soup!

Julie Polsinelli is our From 3 to 3 Program Assistant


Hello my name is Julie Polsinelli. I am a third year student majoring in Sociology with a double minor in Human Geography and English. This year I am the assistant for the ‘From 3to3 Program’ which takes place around multiple TDSB schools within the GTA. As well I am involved in New College Student Council as the Marketing Director as of this year 2016-17. This year I am looking forward to meeting all of our new volunteers and providing constant support throughout the program to ensure that all volunteers complete the program with a positive experience here at CCP.